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We make copper jump rings in a variety of wire diameters. Each wire diameter has its own page.  Our copper jump rings are available to purchase by clicking on the button above and then using the Paypal shopping cart. You do not need a Paypal account to do this. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by cheque please email your order to us, or telephone us on 07971 539961. Your order will be processed when your payment has cleared.


Due to the fact that copper is a softer wire than sterling silver, it has less springback and so the resulting jump rings are slightly smaller than the equivalent jump ring made from sterling silver. Therefore the jump ring size recommendations for our sterling silver jump rings cannot be assumed to work for our copper jump rings. As more copper jump ring sizes are tested the results will appear on our jump ring size recommendation page for copper jump rings. For weaves that are particularly aspect ratio sensitive you may have to use a slightly larger jump ring.

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copper rings

Hi Lynne


I’ve been singing your praises everywhere I go, but suddenly realised I’d not actually sent YOU a praising thanks! D’oh!


Your rings are stunning! By far and away the best quality rings I’ve ever bought - and I’ve bought a few. Not only are they beautifully cut and polished so well, I don’t have to bother polishing a finished piece. You’ve saved me so much time, I’m motoring away through the pile at lightening speed! LOL!


Thank you so much!


All the best,


Louise x  Twisted Trinkets

Hi Lynne


Just to let you know that my rings arrived safe and sound, as usual fantastic quality, I love buying my rings from you!






Silver Storm Jewellery

Hi Lynne


Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to you and your family and to thank you yet again for another batch of superb rings! I received them yesterday (even with all the disruption from the snow!) I couldn’t wait to get my pliers out! I have already started making my much loved Dragonscale in copper and it is absolutely beautiful.


I made a European 6 in 1 necklace with the silver rings you sent out to me just before Christmas which is stunning!


Once again thank you


Kindest regards

Steph  x

Hi Lynne


Just had to tell you that the jump rings are received from you today are absolutely fabulous.  I know jump rings are not the most exciting of things but the quality of them is terrific and I look forward to using them in my jewellery.


Thanks again




Hearts and Flowers Jewellery