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We operate rigorous standards of quality control to ensure that every jump ring we sell is of the highest standard. If it isn't perfect, you can't have it!

All the wire we use is round in cross-section. As well as being available in our standard sized pack of 200 jump rings, due to popular demand we also have sterling silver jump rings in packs of 25 jump rings available in all jump ring sizes, because you don't always need 200! And we have packs of 100 and 1000 jump rings too (and packs of just 10 jump rings in some 1.6 mm sizes). Our copper jump rings are available in packs of 200 and 1000 jump rings. Our gold jump rings are made by special order to your specifications.

The wire is hand fed to coil it around a mandrel, and the resulting coil is then cut into jump rings with a high powered precision saw with an extremely thin blade. The jump ring size is denoted by the mandrel used to make it. Due to the springback of the wire, the internal diameter of the coil is a lttle larger than the diameter of the mandrel used to make it. Springback is when the coiled wire relaxes and tries to straighten itself when the coil is cut from the main spool of wire, releasing tension, and the coil uncoils a little. Thus the resulting jump rings have an internal diameter slightly larger than the actual mandrel used to make them. If the wire didn’t springback, the coil would never slip off the mandrel! Springback varies between wire manufacturers for the same metal, and also between different metals. For example, copper has less springback than sterling silver, so jump rings made from copper and sterling silver using the same mandrel and same wire thickness will be different sizes - the copper jump ring will be slightly smaller than the sterling silver jump ring.

We denote our jump ring sizes as follows: wire diameter/mandrel size/pack size. So 1.0/3.5/200 indicates a pack of 200 jump rings made from 1.0 mm diameter wire wound around a 3.5 mm mandrel.

We use both metric and imperial mandrels, which gives us the very best selection to choose from to enable us to make the perfect sized ring for a specific weave. All the mandrel sizes are expressed in millimetres.

Please click on the appropriate button above to select either sterling silver, copper or gold jump rings. And if you don’t see the jump ring size you need please ask, as we have very full sets of both metric and imperial mandrels and are happy to cut bespoke rings to your specifications.
Silver Rings.
Copper Rings.
Gold Rings.

Hi Lynne


Just wanted to let you know the rings arrived today, they are wonderful, fantastic quality and a dream to work with. You were recommended by a friend and she was right, your jump rings are fantastic. I can’t wait to get a bracelet made.


Many thanks for the wonderful rings and fast friendly service.


Nikki x Beadbabies & Edinburgh Bead Fair

Hi Lynne


I just wanted to thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my recent order of silver jump rings and also thank you so much for the beautiful dragonfly charm. It was very much appreciated.


Kind regards



Hi Lynne,


Sorry I was too busy making to say that I received my order all ok Friday pm. I’ve finished the bracelet and your rings make it look a thing of shining wonderfulness.